Chapter 1901

Even Gu Zikang said, "Yes, if you want to leave, you can leave. Anyway, I won't leave."

Jiang Jindong said, "At present, the operation of our company hasn't suffered any damage because of this, and even its popularity has been rising. We can find an opportunity to promote it again, maybe it can change the current situation."

He sat in the corner of the office as usual, analyzing the data on the computer and saying to Monique.

Monique looked at everyone with gratitude and could not say anything to vent his anger.

"Well, then let's just take it easy for ourselves these days. Everyone should work harder."

The two employees finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Just now, when they heard Monique say that they should temporarily stop the operation of the studio, they thought that they were going to lose their jobs soon.

It didn’t matter if you would lose money or not. If they couldn’t see the handsome guy, how boring every day would be...

Although they had to work hard, they still had n
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