Chapter 1907

"Hurry up. I don't want to wait any longer..."

Henry took out his mobile phone and immediately ordered as soon as it was connected.

It was only when Song Xu came to work the next day that he found out that Chairman Moore didn't go home last night.

Only then did he realize why the president was in a bad mood. Maybe he thought he was angry with his wife.

However, judging from the president's expression today, Song Xu didn't know whether he should be Chairman Moore's love adviser or not.

In the morning, Monique opened her eyes and looked at her side. The bed was as flat as usual. It was obvious that no one had come back to sleep.

She thought Henry was going to the guest room to rest.

However, after washing up, Monique went downstairs and was told by Mrs. Lee that Henry didn't go home at all.

Henry had not stayed overnight in the company for a long time.

When the two of them were angry, Monique asked him to sleep in the guest room.

But now, he didn't even go home.

Monique had br
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Raven Sadler
Interesting interesting things
goodnovel comment avatar
Boni Dube
Very stupid woman. Worrying about a brother who wanted her dead.
goodnovel comment avatar
Elizabeth Doyle
I don't blame Henry, I would have left as well. Leave her she don't deserve you. She knew you love her and still she's act as though you are wrong. So many times she wanted to do stuff on her own and the only reason she succeeded were because you were behind the scenes. she is stupid.

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