Chapter 1924

Henry kept a tight face and stopped talking.

He would never let such a family off if it was before.

However, Gu Linbei's wedding was coming. No matter how unwilling Henry was, he had to let them go.

But it was not Henry's character to let a person go so easily.

Monique also knew her husband.

When the mother of the child named Gu Zirui made repeated promises and compensation to her.

Monique finally let go of that family.

At that time, Gu Zirui's mother kept apologizing and almost missed Monique's words.

But after hearing that Monique asked them to leave...

The family of three did not dare to delay for a moment. They disappeared quickly after the last apology.

"How could Daddy let them go so easily this time? It really isn't his style."

Looking at the family of three who had left, Little Nomi pouted and muttered discontentedly.

It was not because Gu Zirui had hurt her that Little Nomi bore a grudge against her.

It was just that the family had spoken ill of her mommy behind h
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