Chapter 1965

Monique did not immediately agree or refuse her.

She and Henry were in the study just now and had not had time to come up with a good idea.

According to her, he gave the money to Zoila in advance to help her get through the difficulties.

It was not difficult at all. Besides, the money belonged to Zoila.

However, according to Henry's words, Henry had the same idea as her grandmother.

He also hoped that Zoila would give up this company.

That was why Monique did not answer immediately.

But in Zoila's eyes, it was a refusal.

"You don't agree? Let me tell you, Monique, you are just an outsider! This is the money of our Moore family. Why don't you give it to me?

Don't think you can use the will of the old lady as an arrow!"

Zoila was anxious, but Monique didn't answer her immediately. In her eyes, it was a refusal.

"No matter how much money the Moore family has, it has nothing to do with you now. If it weren't for grandma's sake, I wouldn't have given you this money!"

Because of
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