Chapter 1972

"Send someone to check where Frank is." Henry quickly made a phone number as he walked out of the company.

He didn't forget what Zoila had just said that she wanted Frank and Albert to die with her.

Henry didn't believe that she would have the guts to deal with Frank after he had warned Zoila yesterday.

There must be another reason.

Sure enough, after Henry picked up Monique, the servants sent a message.

Since yesterday, Albert had not returned home.

"Honey, do you think Aunt will hurt Frank?"

Monique had already learned that Zoila only wanted money, and Henry had already sent someone to arrange it.

However, Monique could not help but worry.

"Don't worry. She just wants to save Albert. Just give her the money and everything will be fine." Henry tried to appease Monique.

But he couldn't help but feel nervous.

If her grandmother's accident had something to do with Zoila, he was not confident that she would not hurt his child.

Frank was finally full. As soon as Zoila cleaned u
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