Chapter 86

She was still young and she had not found her Daddy. How would she live?

Angel’s tears gradually slowed down when she heard her mother blamed herself. She struggled from her mother’s embrace and wiped off her tears with her tiny hands. Then, she reached out to wipe the tears off her mother’s cheek. Angel’s tears streamed down more when she saw her mother’s swollen face, but she tried her best not to cry because she did not want her mother to be more worried.

“Mommy. I’m fine.” Angel looked at her mother with watery eyes, she pulled a silly face and gently comforted her.

“Little rascal.” Monique smiled and gently tapped her finger on Angel’s nose. A layer of dust covered her fair tender face, and when she cried earlier, it messed up her face even more. Monique looked at her and found it irresistibly cute, and so she gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Monique and Angel had shared their life together. She knew what was on Angel’s mind, so she stopped crying as well as she did not want h
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