Chapter 89

“Please reflect on yourself. If you try to hurt Angel and I again, I will not forgive you next time!!” Monique warned while she looked at Cindy who had been in a mess.

Cindy hated this so much, but it had been ironic as she needed Monique to have saved her.

“I’ll change, I know I’m wrong, I won’t do it again!” Cindy cried miserably as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Even Chief William had been a little moved having seen her pitiful face.

Monique waved her hands, hinting Chief William to let her go.

Chief William noticed Young Master Moore treated this woman differently. She might have been the future Mrs. Chairman, and so he did not dare disobey it.

He raised his hand and gave the officers a signal to have released Cindy. Cindy was held by two officers, but she had been directly thrown to the ground after that, her face had been twisted in pain.

Monique let out a sigh. Since they were colleagues, she really hoped Cindy would then have turned over a new leaf.

She turned around and
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