Chapter 115

Henry's eyebrows raised as he saw Monique, "Well well, missing me already?"

A sound of a deep and attractive voice, along with some teasing, was heard in her ears.

Henry's deep and attractive voice was so pleasant to everyone's ear except for Monique who did not feel the same way.

"Who the hell misses you!" Monique's corner of the eye twitched. Ignoring Henry, she grabbed hold of his hands and pulled him away from the scene.

There were just too many people around including Angel which was not a good spot to have their discussion.

"See, you even took the initiative and pulled me, still trying to deny." There was some innocence along with Henry's cold tone as he strode in big steps, following Monique from behind while at the same time lifting his hand, pointing to prove to her that Monique was the one who grabbed hold of his hand on her record.

The workers in the company saw it with their own naked eyes.

'Indeed, this woman was way too spontaneous.'

'Just how shameless this woman
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