Chapter 193

Henry was instantly reminded of the disgusting sensation of the larvae juices…

He gagged at the thought of it and his stomach began to churn.

This damnable woman!

He rushed to the rubbish bin in front and, with a retch, he emptied the contents of his stomach, including the food that he ate that afternoon.

Seeing him vomit, Monique immediately ran toward the convenience store. Henry stared at her back with a death glare, thinking that she was trying to escape.

How dare she run away after making him puke his guts out? He went after her in long strides.

Monique found the mineral water shelf and bent down to take a bottle.

Henry was blinded by rage, thinking that Monique was trying to hide down there.

Before she could straighten her back, someone hoisted her up.

The person was very rough. Monique spun around immediately and yelled, “Who’s that! What are you doing!”

“Are you trying to run away? Where did you think you were going?” Henry’s voice was cruel and cold. “Were you thinki
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