Chapter 195

Henry felt as if his heart was bitten by thousands of ants. He could not tell if it was pain or anger that he was experiencing. Hidden under that cold, hard expression was a pang of jealousy.

If Simon appeared in front of him right now, he would strangle him to death.

The owner stared at this man who was as cold as the grim reaper.

Her knees trembled. Was he offended by what she just said?

She had never seen a man like him with such a strong presence. She watched him walk out of the shop with the bottle of mineral water.

Only after he had left, she blurted out mechanically, “Sir, you haven’t paid for the water!”

However, her voice was so soft that it was drowned by the background noise.

The man who walked out of the convenience store had a terrifyingly fierce expression, like a demon from hell. His dark eyes were layered with frost and had a murderous look in them. When he strode past passersby, they could feel a gust of cold wind that made them look up to the sky, wondering whe
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