Chapter 213

It was the exact thing that she previously did as she fed Henry his burger in a coquettish manner.

Every man had the mentality of a challenger. The more one goes against them, the more excited they became to overcome the obstacle. It may have been that Monique had been challenging Henry's limit, having resulted in Henry constantly pestering Monique.

Monique was in deep thoughts trying to figure out the reason Henry would have fallen for her.

After feeding Henry the burger, she then gave him the milk tea, "Here you go, take a sip."

Henry took a sip and agreed that having eaten a burger with milk tea had been a perfect combination.

After Henry swallowed his first bite of the burger, Monique tried feeding him with another bite of it.

"Are you full already?" Monique asked happily.

However, she had felt rather frustrated deep inside. Aside from Angel, Monique never fed anyone else before, let alone an adult of the opposite gender.

Henry shook his head. His stunning looks revealed a
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