Chapter 237

Angel had been chatting with Henry about everything in the kindergarten that day so Henry had some understanding about the situation in the kindergarten.

Henry enjoyed spending time with both of them out of sudden even though Monique sat there silently. He had an idea at that moment.

He sent Shaun a text message. The corner of his lips lifted joyfully.

Henry took a glance around the kindergarten when they arrived. It looked very clean and tidy even though it was small.

Since Monique and Angel liked it, they could come anytime they wanted to after he bought this over and renovated it.

The receptionist was not the same teacher he met the last time but a tall and sturdy woman with her hair tied up in a ponytail and in her thirties. Looking at the stalwart, beautiful woman, both of their eyes shone brightly. The woman in front of him looked gorgeous, both her figure and temperament.

Angel’s dress too looked luxurious. With her little pink mouth and big dark eyes, she looked jus
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