Chapter 246

Henry's thin lips curled, giving off a malicious smirk and an expression of having sovereignty—he was feeling rather satisfied with Monique clinging onto his arm. Henry beamed at all the salesmen and ordered, "Hurry up and get her another change of clothes!"

One of the salesmen who was observing the scene at a corner quickly stepped up and offered his service.

Monique was rather shocked by the situation as she felt like a catwalk model, trying on different sets of clothing. Henry then bought the whole series of clothes; anything that satisfied him regardless of its color—except for green.

More than ten salesmen were all busy carrying tons of clothes. Each piece was extremely pricey! The salesmen—behaving like slaves—trailed Monique and provided her with the best services and treated her like an honorable princess.

'Is this how couples live their life?' Monique found it tiring. 'It's tiring to buy clothes this way, way too tiring!!'

They shopped in every single luxurious shop—from
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