Chapter 323

Monique frowned as her resolve wavered. Simon helped her earlier, so she should thank him. She nodded after a moment of thought. “Yeah, sure.”

Her voice was light and soft, but it made him unbelievably happy. “Let’s go.”

Monique’s lips curved up with a smile when she saw the bright grin Simon had. “I’ll go downstairs and get Angel’s bag. Wait for me at the gate.”

“Sure.” Simon quickly agreed.

Monique took the bag and Simon brought her to a local restaurant. Simon seemed to know the owner of the restaurant well. When they went in, the owner happily welcomed them, “Mr. Leeds, you’re here.”

Simon nodded. He brought Monique to the table close to the window. The scale of the restaurant was standard; the design did not look grand, but it was refined. Angel sat beside Monique as she examined the restaurant with her bright eyes. Then, she asked curiously, “What’s nice here?”

Simon smiled, “They have your Mommy’s favorite beef stew and pierogi. Angel, what do you like to eat?”

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