Chapter 365

Monique’s heart dropped. Henry intended to let her make a fool of herself in public—it was his way of reminding her of her status.

She would do as he pleases and dance then. It was not the first time she would be mocked by others anyway.

Furthermore, did he think that she would be the only one who would be publicly embarrassed?

Monique raised her chin defiantly and stared at Henry. “Teach me then!”

“Why should I teach you? Look at how others dance and just follow them,” he replied with a raised brow.

Monique clenched her jaw and began to imitate their movements. However, dancing was still too foreign for her. She kept stepping onto other people’s feet, sometimes even Henry’s as well.

She felt a strange sense of satisfaction when she saw Henry frowning. She thought, ‘Serves you right! Who told you to make me do this, you punk!’

The panicked expression on her face gradually transformed into a small grin.

The people dancing around them were annoyed after being stepped on by Moniqu
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