Chapter 368

Henry leisurely replied a gentle “Uhm” with his magnetic voice.

He uncrossed his long legs and stood up. He then removed his suit in an elegant manner.

Henry slowly unbuttoned his pastel shirt until they were all released, exposing his attractive clavicle, muscular chests, and the perfect Apollo’s belt.

His movements were elegant yet casual, unbothered by the fact that there was a woman standing in front of him.

Monique’s heart was pounding as though it was about to burst out of her chest. His perfect figure and flawless features were too beguiling.

It was difficult not to be distracted by such an enticing sight.

Monique—who was such a reserved person—could not stop herself from blushing.

She turned her head away and averted her gaze, but she could not resist stealing a few glances from the corner of her eye.

She should not fall for him again. He just said that he would give her to someone else.

Even though Henry was Monique’s weakness, she was also a human being with emotions
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