Chapter 443

Angel nodded seriously with a sweet smile hanging on her face. “Thank you, gorgeous sister.”

The gorgeous secretary rubbed Angel’s soft hair and said, “Be a good girl and wait for me here. Do not run around. I will come back very soon once I buy it.”

“Sure.” Angel nodded.

The gorgeous secretary turned around and walked toward the restaurant. Angel went inside the inflatable castle and came out from the other exit.

“Uncle Simon.” Angel saw Simon standing at a very obvious location after she came out. She then waved at him. Simon walked over immediately when he saw her exit the inflatable castle.

Angel said to him, “Let’s get away from here first, otherwise daddy will be able to find you here.”

Simon nodded and carried Angel into the car.

On the twenty third floor of the general manager’s office, the chairman called the public relation department and asked Yvonne to come upstairs after the gorgeous secretary brought Angel downstairs.

Yvonne asked Amelia to send those ph
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