Chapter 493

Monique was staring coldly as she muttered, "No wonder Angel sounded rather angry when she called me. I didn't know it was because of this."

Monique came back to her senses after being stunned for a few seconds. She realized the most important thing to do was to look for Simon. She reached out to her handphone in her pocket and kept dialing Simon.

His handphone was turned off.

Monique was holding on to her handphone and was trembling. She glanced at Louise and said, "I want to go over to the kindergarten and have a look."

Louise nodded, "Yeah, maybe he already returned."

Monique's eyelashes were shaking as she was holding on dearly to the faint gleam of hope.

She sincerely hoped that she could meet Simon at the kindergarten.

Monique was restless in the car as the sky started pouring. She wanted to give Simon another call but she knew it was pointless as he turned his handphone off.

Monique immediately got down from the car as soon as they reached the kindergarten. She did not b
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