Chapter 528

“I can do it by myself!” Monique’s conscience took the clothes from Henry and moved sideways to make a detour around Henry, so her instincts dragged her to the bathroom. His heart felt a little uncomfortable when he saw her avoiding him. After Monique went into the bathroom in such a hurry, he called Mandy, “Bring Monique a set of clothes. I want both clothes and lingerie, and bring a hair dryer with you. I’ll send you the address.”

Then, he turned to the nurse, who was still standing at the door. “Get me a VIP ward. She’ll be doing her checkup in there.”

Monique ran into the bathroom and looked at her face: red as a beetroot. She took a deep breath. She felt useless thinking of the way he treated her, yet he was who she wanted to see the most when she was dying. She patted her face, then realized the admission form was still in her hands. She had forgotten about it in her nervousness earlier. Since Henry knew him, it should be easy.

She changed clothes and walked out of the bathroo
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