Chapter 542

Gu Linbei was amused by Monique's words, and the depression he had just felt disappeared in an instant. "You also think that this is not my biological mother. How can a biological mother always ask me to film? Otherwise, I will go back and inherit the property."

The corner of Monique's eyes twitched. "Isn't it good to inherit the property?"

Moreover, he looked like a rich man. How could he spend the money without the property? He really didn't know how to appreciate it.

"I think your mother is very nice to you. She was so nice to you just now!" Monique said, and her eyes looked obviously dim.

If she hadn't known that Gu Linbei wanted to commit suicide, she would have taught him a lesson.

She didn't mean to eavesdrop, but she just heard his mother's anxious at the beginning.

"And I haven't even seen my parents."

Although she had seen them in the photo, it had happened a long time ago. She had completely forgotten what she looked like.

When she heard Mrs. Gu scolding Gu Linbei ju
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