Chapter 562

"Yes." Monique instinctively agreed. She had just been a little absent-minded and did not notice what Little Nomi had said. Looking at the dim expression of Little Nomi, she comforted her and said, "Little Nomi, we know that Father Mu is our biological father, because of this, we should understand father more. Dad is usually so busy, and it is impossible for him to come back often."

Monique comforted Little Nomi and also gave him a precaution.

Because such things would often happen in the future.

Little Nomi knew that her father was very busy, but she didn't know how busy he was. A while ago, when they first lived here, her father often came back. Little Nomi curled his lips and said, "But..."

Monique held Little Nomi in his arms and said, "Little Nomi, dad is busy. You're also busy, Mommy. You're a little tired after returning from a business trip. Let's go to rest, shall we?"

Her voice was gentle and soft, like the sweet heart of flowing water and Little Nomi.

Little Nomi didn'
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