Chapter 570

Henry replied "hmm" lightly and walked into her seat without looking at her again.

Gu Xiaoxiao looked at Brother Henry, who was walking toward her. He was wearing a high-end black suit, and her tall and straight figure was more dazzling than all the stars she had seen.

He was vigorous and elegant as he walked, like an elegant cheetah, which was handsome and elegant.

He walked toward her step by step like a noble prince. Gu Xiaoxiao's heart beat fast, and she was completely moved.

As the man approached, his handsome face was completely imprinted in Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes.

His chisel-like outline was as handsome as a sculpture, his dashing eyebrows, his straight nose, his sexy and thin lips were tightly pursed, and his facial features were perfectly matched.

However, he was so perfect that he always had a cold aura that kept people thousands of miles away from him.

Brother Henry had never been like this before, but he had become like this later.

No matter what he looked like, he woul
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