Chapter 614

Henry sat in the office and read the documents. It had been ten minutes since Song Xu went downstairs. Why hadn't he come up yet? Did something happen?

Henry wanted to throw the document on the table.

Coincidentally, Mandy walked to the door with the document in her hand. Looking at the angry Chairman Moore who threw the document on the table, she silently took a step back.

"Chairman Moore, what are you angry about just now?" Mandy looked at the documents in his hand and walked to his desk. Anyway, this document was not too urgent. When Song Xu was about to go in, they could take it together.

Henry did not notice Mandy at the door. He got up and walked around the office. He looked at his mobile phone and found that it had been another five minutes, but Song Xu still did not reply!

“What is he going to do? He is getting more and more unreliable.”

"He didn’t come back after so long!"

"Did something happen to Monique?"

“It shouldn't be!”

If something happened, Song Xu should cal
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Athens Estoista-Taray
The grammar and the uses of pronoun is indeed terrible also the constant changing of names were really brain whacking.
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Raven Sadler
Interesting interesting things

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