Chapter 654

Louise was very happy to see Xiao Fan leaving angrily.

After Monique and Louise finish two pieces of cake, they didn't eat anymore.

Louise looked at Monique. "Look, I want to laugh when I see her dark face."

Monique glanced at Louise and said, "You're almost done. We'll still be colleagues in the future. We'll meet again and again."

Louise looked up and thought for a while. Then he nodded and put another cake in her mouth. "Why don't you eat it?"

Monique's eyes darkened as he read the documents. She pursed her lips and smiled. "You can eat. I'm too full at noon. I can't eat anymore."

In addition to being stuffed, there was another important reason, which was that the super star had asked Henry to send it over.

What Xiao Fan said was right. It was impossible for someone like Henry to arrange snacks for the marketing department.

Although she had more than the rest.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she felt.

She just ate two pieces because she wanted Louise not
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Raven Sadler
Interesting interesting
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Love Bugz
This book is weird. The more I read it the more I became confused about the gender of the Characters. And also all the hell they are because it started out as American characters now their Chinese characters. This book is too long and I don’t get why Henry and his woman don’t just tell how they feel
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Is Xiao Fan a man or a woman?

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