Chapter 671

When the staff in the canteen saw Chairman Moore coming in, they opened their eyes wide again in surprise.

This was the second time the president had entered the staff canteen today!

Good heavens!

My God!

Were they too lucky?

Today, they met the president in the cafeteria twice a day, and they could almost wait in the canteen again in the future.

This was the thought of those who worked overtime at night and then came to the canteen for dinner.

A large number of people had already gotten off work at night, so the canteen was relatively quiet.

Henry went straight to the aunt.

The auntie who ordered the dishes just stared straight at Chairman Moore in front of her.

He had a handsome face, chisel-like facial features, a slender thigh, a tall and straight figure, and an air of nobility. He was a typical tall, rich, and handsome man!

The cafeteria's auntie looked like an 18-year-old girl. Her heart was fluttering and she couldn't move her eyes away.

"Ahem." Henry coughed and loo
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