Chapter 674

When Louise came in, Song Xu had already prepared all the food on the table.

Little Nomi took Chairman Moore and Monique to sit down, and they sat on both sides of Little Nomi. "Louise, sit here!" Monique asked Louise to sit beside her.

Before Monique said those words, she might find a way to refuse and let the three of them have dinner together.

However, after Monique had said those words, the president could hug Gu Xiaoxiao in front of Monique. Maybe he was a double-faced man, and it was not completely impossible.

Why all men were so foolish.

"Okay." Louise sat down beside Monique.

Song Xu said that he was full and stopped eating. He went to make a cup of coffee and sat down at the table next to them.

Little Nomi looked at the delicious food on the table. His big black and bright eyes were shining, as if there were the sun, moon, and stars.

This was the first time their family had sat together in such an orderly manner ever since Mommy had returned. Daddy was there, and Mommy
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