Chapter 676

Monique was speechless.

Song Xu was speechless too.

“Little Nomi, are you here to make trouble?”

“Your dear father doesn't like green pepper. After hearing what you said, the president won’t have any excuse to refuse to eat the pepper.”

Louise was not too conflicted. She looked at Monique and other people as if she was looking at the family members. In fact, it was quite fun.

"I like it very much!" Henry raised his eyebrows and raised the corners of her mouth into a thin and beautiful arc.

His voice was faint, lazy and attractive.

Song Xu was so surprised that he almost fell under the table. He had just heard something.

"Chairman Moore said that he likes green pepper?"

“How is this possible?”

He opened his eyes wide in shock and looked in the direction of Chairman Moore.

Hearing Henry said that he liked green pepper, Monique felt a little relieved.

But he couldn't help but glanced at Henry.

Henry looked at the green pepper with a complicated look in his eyes. He saw Moniqu
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