Chapter 724

Henry had watched Little Nomi's dance performance yesterday and thought that Little Nomi was very talented in dancing.

Yesterday, she had asked her to call Monique and told him that she was going to learn dancing from her mommy.

But later, he seemed to have forgotten!!!

Little Nomi blinked her big cute eyes and then exclaimed, "Daddy, we seemed to have forgotten one thing yesterday."

Henry held Little Nomi in his arms and carefully put her in the car. Then he raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the matter?"

In fact, he knew what Little Nomi wanted to ask.

And he thought of a good idea on his way here.

After these two days of probing to Monique, she didn't seem to have much resistance.

Therefore, he felt that they could be in closer contact with each other.

It just so happened that his grandmother had invited him to dinner today. Little Nomi was the flesh and blood of the Mu family, so it was time for her to meet her grandmother.

Grandma must have known about what had happe
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