Chapter 725

Dad could have dinner with Mommy, and Mommy wouldn't be unhappy. Of course, that was good.

"Then call Mommy now. Tell her that Daddy has arranged a good place for us to eat. Don't tell her that Daddy is here. I'll ask Song Xu to send you here later," Henry said.

Little Nomi nodded obediently.

She tapped on her mommy's phone with her tender, white hand and dialed the number.

When Monique saw that it was Little Nomi's call, a slight smile appeared on her pretty face.

"Mommy!" Little Nomi's soft voice came through the phone.

Her voice was very pleasant. It was the sweet spring water, refreshing people's hearts.

It made Monique's exhaustion disappear all of a sudden.

"Little Nomi, did daddy pick you up?" Monique asked.

Little Nomi smiled sweetly. "Daddy came to pick me up. I performed very well today. Teacher praised me. He said he would arrange a delicious place to reward me."

"Our Little Nomi is the best." Hearing Little Nomi say that she had done very well, Monique also felt h
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