Chapter 753

She also thought of home unnaturally.

She had been away from home for a long time, and it was rare for her to go home.

She was unconsciously brought to that scene by Monique.

So deeply so that she didn't come to her senses until Monique's speech was over.

It was not until she said thank you that she pulled her back from her memory.

Henry sat there and looked at her happily holding Louise with jealousy in his heart.

How he thought that the person she was holding at this time was him!

He was the one who asked Song Xu to prepare the information.

He was the one who had just come down to delay for her.

Why did she only see others in her eyes?

Song Xu looked at Monique on the stage and then at Chairman Moore.

Chairman Moore should be happy now.

But it was not what he had imagined.

Chairman Moore was not as happy as he had imagined.

His chisel-like outline was tight, and his deep and charming black eyes were staring straight at Monique.

There was some sadness in her eyes.

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