Chapter 802

Gu Linbei analyzed it as if he was Holmes. Then, he remembered the video of Henry helping Gu Xiaoxiao out of the mall.

"Did Monique see the video when you were with Gu Xiaoxiao at the gate of the shopping mall before?" Gu Linbei asked.

If it was an ordinary person who went in by chance, there wouldn't be too many emotional changes.

Unless she knew that the woman who came in was a threat to her, or there was a misunderstanding between them, then she would do that.

When she entered the cinema, she first kept a certain distance from Henry. Then, when Gu Xiaoxiao went there, she immediately provided a seat for others.

She just let other women be in the same place with Henry.

Then there were two explanations. One was that she really had no feelings for this man and wanted to introduce her to someone else.

The other reason was that this woman misunderstood the man and thought that he had something to do with this woman.

With the charm of Henry, it was really difficult for anyone to r
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