Chapter 834

She just wanted her to know that she could forgive where she might.

In the past, she had been late and left early. She had even skipped work, but she had not done it on purpose.

Why was she always so aggressive?

Looking at Xiao Fan's red eyes and what Xiao Zhao said, Manager Han also roughly knew what had happened.

She glanced at Xiao Fan unhappily and said, "If you really want to say that, apologize to her."

Since Xiao Fan had said that in front of so many people, Manager Han could not protect her in front of everyone.

She had intended to embarrass Monique today.

But she didn't expect that Xiao Fan would be even more embarrassed.

Then she glanced at where everyone looked at.

Sure enough, everyone looked at Xiao Fan gloatingly.

Hearing Manager Han's words, she looked up at Manager Han in an extraordinary manner.

Then she saw Manager Han's dark face and unhappy eyes.

Xiao Fan clenched her fists with anger and grievance in the eyes.

If she knelt down in front of everyone, ho
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