Chapter 922

After Monique walked in, Henry gently closed the door.

The sound of the door closing was very low.

Monique still heard it.

She trembled and put the basket on the ground. She was about to sweep the floor with the broom.

After quickly sweeping the room, she slipped away. It was really unbearable in the atmosphere with Henry that night.

She used to be a cleaner. In the cafe, she often cleaned glass, so it was easy for her to clean such glass.

She bent down and was about to clean up.

However, just as she bowed, a big hand grabbed her broom from behind.

A warm current passed from the back of Monique's hand to her head in an instant.

She was a little bit absorbed.

Monique straightened up suddenly, and Henry was standing behind her. She got up so violently that her petite body directly hit the tough body on her back.

The two bodies were stuck together without any defense.

Monique froze there in an instant. The pleasant smell of men, accompanied by the faint smell of tobacco, escap
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