Chapter 1004

"If you like it, I can take a walk with you every day in the future." The low voice was like a string, magnetic and pleasant to listen to.

Monique looked up and the girl-like shyness appeared on her pink and tender face, then her big black and bright eyes were like the purest and purest gem, she seemed to be in disbelief. "Ah?"

Her eyelashes were thick and curled. Every time she blinked, it seemed that she could make people moved .

The next second, the man suddenly knelt down on one knee, and his magnetic and lazy voice rang out. "Mo Mo, marry me!"

As Henry spoke, he took out a ring folded with rattan as if he was using magic.

However, this ring was folded in a very special way.

They were surrounded by weeds, and there was a small red flower in the middle, which looked particularly beautiful.

Monique seemed to have been struck by lightning. She froze there, and her mind was blank.

She hadn't recovered from the first sentence Henry had said.

He just told her to take a walk with
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