Chapter 1095

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before her identity was revealed.

Even if it was not on such an occasion today, someone would choose another occasion to announce her identity.

In that case, he might as well make it public.

She was just working hard to earn money with her own hands. She did not steal or rob, and there was nothing shameful.

Henry's dark and deep eyes narrowed and he looked at Monique. "It doesn't matter. I'll handle it well."

How did they dare to post these photos?

Then they had to accept the consequences of sending out the photos.

"There's really no need, Henry." Although Monique felt uncomfortable, he still maintained a sweet smile on her face. "I’m really fiine. It's just a matter of some photos. Even if I don't let them out now, they will do it next time, and another next time. Those are my past. Can you erase it? Even if you can really erase my past, I don't want it. It's still my life, my real life!"

Monique looked at Henry expectantly with her brig
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Renetta Taylor-jasper
what did I just read? Monique is not married with 2 kids! and who are these people?
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Raven Sadler
Interesting interesting things

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