Chapter 1102

Monique didn't know how she walked into the room. She just felt that everything was too dreamy for her.

Her mind was a little blank.

Her heart couldn't help pounding.

Just like what Little Nomi said.

She felt as if she had been doted on as a little princess.

She tried her best to calm down.

They walked into the dining table in the room, The roses were decorated on the windowsill, on the table and on the pillars as well.

In addition, there was also a shelf from the supermarket in the living room, on which rows of food were placed.

There were all kinds of snacks, such as fruit jelly, chocolate, and lollipop.

There were also all kinds of bread and fruits.

Also all kinds of snacks.

And there were some food which were rather rare.

Little Nomi couldn't help running over happily.

She took a cake and was about to stuff it into her mouth.

"Little Nomi, go wash your hands. After washing your hands, you can eat it!" Monique said.

Her tone was full of tenderness and doting.

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