Chapter 1124

After sending the message, he looked up coldly again and looked at the people in the conference room. "Is there anything else?"

The executives present quickly shook their heads. They were eager to leave the conference room immediately.

The atmosphere in the conference room was really terrible.

Henry pursed his thin lips slightly. "Make a handover with the staff in the hospital. During the hospitalization, the company will compensate for all the expenses. The salary will be calculated according to the normal days of work and the staff in each department will be compensated. We will cooperate with the investigation of the police."

"Are there any questions? If no, let's call it a day!" The executives were eager to leave. They immediately got up and left after hearing that the meeting was over.

However, some of the little shareholders of the company were still sitting there.

Seeing that the second largest shareholder, Moore Yunting, was still sitting there, they did not dare to get u
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