Chapter 1144

Monique was speechless. She felt as if her effort this time was useless.

But he didn't chase her out again.

Monique quickly walked to the office table with a smile and put the noodles on the desk.

She looked at Henry with his crystal clear eyes.

He had just changed into a white T-shirt.

Monique quickly recognized the T-shirt. It was the one she borrowed from Henry.

For some reason, when Monique looked at the tall and straight profile of Henry, her nose suddenly felt a little sour.

All of a sudden, she could feel how Henry loved her.

Henry truly loved her not because of Little Nomi.

Instead, he loved her, loved her.

He was obviously angry with her, but when he saw that she was in danger, he would still save her without hesitation.

Then he said something like that. "It's because of her, and I love her. She is qualified." She would remember what he said for the rest of her life.

He just hid himself too well.

Or maybe he was the same as herself, who didn't know how to express
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