Chapter 1190

Gu Linbei saw a row of empty chairs with a trace of disappointment in his long and narrow black eyes.

He suddenly felt a burst of anger in his chest. "This woman had really escaped!"

The air in the corridor suddenly quieted down.

Dr. Gu suddenly saw a lonely look in Gu Linbei's tall back.

Gu Linbei took out his mobile phone from his pocket and wanted to call Louise. Then he glanced at a familiar figure on the chair on the other side of the corridor.

After being driven out of the infirmary by Gu Linbei, Louise walked out angrily.

She sat down opposite the infirmary.

She stared at the door of the infirmary, as if there was a grudge between her and the door of the infirmary.

She had nowhere to vent her anger.

Staring at her, she got up again, walked to the chair on the other side of the infirmary, and sat down.

"Stay away from you. I'll piss you off!" Louise muttered and sat down.

She didn't sleep well last night. In the morning, she went to the hospital and the police station.
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