Chapter 1206

Gu Linbei proudly crossed his arms and pursed his thin lips. "You just said that you were my girlfriend?"

Seeing that Louise was in a hurry to distance herself from him, Gu Linbei felt unhappy.

Anyway, he didn't know these people.

It didn't matter whether they misunderstood them or not!

Louise was speechless since she thought that was the only way out just now.

If she hadn't said that, he would have been taken away by the police and he was at the police station now.

“What are you showing off here?”

“You’re just a man who didn't know how to repay a debt of gratitude.”


Louise thought of something and opened her mouth in surprise. "Are you recording again?"

This b*tch had recorded her words secretly.

Then he threatened her.

"What else can't this man do?"

Gu Linbei pursed his lips and sneered, but he didn't answer.

The more Gu Linbei behaved like this, the more Louise felt that Gu Linbei must be like this.

Louise was so angry that she was almost going furious.

He ha
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