Chapter 1210

"Then I'll do it first." After saying that, Louise raised her glass and drank it.

Louise said it very sincerely.

However, this was what she really meant.

Although Gu Linbei sometimes made her angry, Louise was also the kind of person who dared to do and take responsibility. She felt that she could admit or apologize for her mistake.

Gu Linbei: "..." Louise was very sincere. If he still investigated her at this time, he wouldn’t be a generous man.

Gu Linbei also picked up the wine in front of him and drank it.

"When you drink, I'll take it as your forgiveness." Louise looked at Gu Linbei and said with a smile, "The barbecue from this restaurant is very delicious. It's so delicious with wine."

Louise said as she put a string of skewers in front of Gu Linbei.

Usually, Louise liked spicy food.

This skewer of meat was very spicy, and it was especially spicy.

If Gu Linbei couldn't eat spicy food, he could drink at least three glasses of wine according to this skewer.

Gu Linbei loo
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