Chapter 1215

As she spoke of her boyfriend, she also felt stuffy in her chest.

"How cannot it be him, how?"

"Tell me why didn't he want me? Why didn't he want me? How couldn't I be good to him? I didn't even want to buy a piece of clothes and lived in such a remote place. I almost... almost..."

As Louise spoke, fear flashed across her eyes.

"Almost what?" Gu Linbei asked with a frown.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha... I almost got raped because of that man. If our president hadn't saved me, I would have been a corpse now. But I'm no different from a corpse now." Louise cried and laughed.

Gu Linbei was stunned.

No wonder she looked so scared when she was in the car.

He thought that she was pretending to be running away.

Gu Linbei's heart softened.

He got up and walked over, trying to take Louise's petite body into his arms.

He really didn't know that Louise had been hurt like this.

No wonder she was so scared when she saw someone in the room when she woke up.

She wanted to protect herself for the first t
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