Chapter 1224

Gu Linbei: "..."

She leaned over, and the sweet smell of her body, accompanied by the scent of shower gel, came over.

Gu Linbei's scalp went numb, and he froze there, not daring to move.

He didn't even dare to breathe.

She was like a kind of poison, and when she was approaching him.

He could not resist the reaction of his body no matter how strong his self-control was.

Before he could react...

Louise stretched out her small hand to his waist. When she touched his body with her soft and cool hand, he felt as if there was an electric current on him.

He had goosebumps all over.

Louise grabbed the bath towel with his little hand and smiled sweetly. "Ha-ha, I found the bath towel."

Then she pulled the bath towel up from Gu Linbei.

The bathroom door opened and the wind blew in through the window.

It swept away part of Gu Linbei's heat.

He couldn't help but turn around and grabbed the bath towel that was pulled off by Louise.

He tugged at his body. His original intention was to
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