Chapter 1242

"Don't come here..." Louise shouted! He stared at Gu Linbei full of tears in her eyes.

Her tears flowed down, and her emotions were on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, she felt like a fish on the chopping board, waiting for Gu Linbei's slaughter.

In the cold world, would someone really come to save her when she called outside?

If Gu Linbei really wanted to do something to her, he would probably knock her out directly.

At that time, she would be unconscious.

Looking at the crying woman on the ground, Gu Linbei was at a loss and his eyes softened.

He raised his hand and surrendered. "I... I'm sorry!"

The tears in Louise's eyes, which were staring at Gu Linbei, were like broken pearls, but they could not stop flowing down.

However, she was afraid that Gu Linbei would get close to her again, so she kept blinking.

When she heard Gu Linbei say sorry, she was stunned.

She, she must have misheard!

Gu Linbei was apologizing to her?

How was that possible?

This man was clearly
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