Chapter 1286

More and more people were watching at the gate of Marriott International.

And someone said "Call the police".

And the other person immediately echoed, "Yes, we should call the police and take her away. It's so bad."

But for some reason, when the people who agreed with her said this, the people around them slowly quieted down.

Then, the people who were talking also quieted down.

Because they found that it was Monique who had just called the police.

They were in surprise and looked at Monique in disbelief.

Her short hair fell neatly on her face, and there was a pure and charming aura on her face.

Her eyes were clean and cold.

She was tall and slender.

They had not noticed it before, but now she was standing in front of Gu Xiaoxiao.

She was even a little taller than Gu Xiaoxiao.

At this moment, she was looking at Gu Xiaoxiao with disdain.

It was not fear or worry.

The more Monique was like this, the more annoyed the people in the company were.

She was the one who had done s
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