Chapter 1303

Her beauty was not so amazing, but she looked very fresh and clean, without any decoration, but generous.

Song Xu could guess Chairman Moore's answer without thinking.

Looking at the way Chairman Moore looked at Monique at this moment, he was so doting.

The president would definitely agree.

She really didn't know if he was here to report or to witness their affection.

The retribution!

Song Xu shouted in his heart.

Suddenly, he thought of Louise.

Since he saw Louise in the hospital, he found a different side of her.

In the past few days, she would occasionally think of what was going on with her.

He even took the wrong elevator in front of Louise.

This was really his first time.

It was so embarrassing.

Henry looked at Monique with his dark and deep eyes and did not answer!

Monique was meant to tease Henry.

How could she bear to sell such a good husband?

But when she saw Henry looking at her leisurely eyes.

Monique actually felt a little uneasy.

"Is Henry going to be an
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