Chapter 1340

The operation of Henry was really brilliant!

The incident had started because of Gu Xiaoxiao. Henry was trying to divert the public's attention while taking revenge for his wife.

However, what was going on between Gu Xiaoxiao and the Ling Family's Second Young Master!

Looking at the photo of Mr. Ling helding Gu Xiaoxiao into the hotel, Gu Linbei frowned tightly.

When did Gu Xiaoxiao get together with Mr. Ling?

Mr. Ling was a famous playboy.

Gu Xiaoxiao had always been a good girl, but she had never been with such a person.

Then he immediately called his assistant and asked him to investigate the matter between Gu Xiaoxiao and Mr. Ling.

Although Gu Xiaoxiao was willful, she was indeed a person who paid great attention to her reputation.

Gu Linbei knew that Henry would not deliberately wrong Gu Xiaoxiao.

"Something must have happened in the matter?"

On the other side, Henry hung up the phone. He tapped on the phone and deleted it neatly.

Then he put the phone back.

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