Chapter 1347

He had deep facial features, a high nose bridge, and sexy thin lips. He looked so handsome.

His dark eyes were filled with starlight, and his breath was slowly flowing into her ear, as if it had flowed into her heart.

Monique's face instantly turned red. "Who, who wants to sleep with you?"

Then, she turned around in order and ran out quickly.

It had to be said that Henry was really a monster.

Monique had no way to resist Henry at all.

As soon as he provoked her, she became blank in the mind in an instant.

Seeing Monique blushing, Mandy lowered her head and ran out quickly.

She was slightly stunned.

Then, she casually saw President Moore, who followed Monique out.

There was a faint smile on his handsome face.

The corner of Mandy's mouth twitched slightly, and then she immediately lowered her head and began to work seriously.

But she kept so quiet at work.

Obviously, Monique had been teased by the president.

Monique pressed the button of the elevator very quickly. She knew
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