Chapter 1348

"Hmm?" Monique looked up at Louise in surprise.

Louise immediately shrugged and smiled awkwardly. "Oh, isn't it always that Assistant Song driving. It's a little strange to see the president driving today. Haha."

She managed to find an excuse.

But her face still blushed slightly.

It was true that as she was keeping thinking every day, she would be at a loss.

Just now, she kept thinking about how to tell Song Xu for dinner.

When she got out of the car, her first reaction was why Song Xu was not there.

"Louise, are you possessed?"

In order to hide her embarrassment at the moment, Louise took out her mobile phone and clicked randomly as if nothing had happened.

Monique: "..."

This reason seemed to be a bit farfetched.

However, Monique could see it.

"This little girl seems to be interested in Song Xu."

In the monitoring room, Monique still saw their intimate movements.

"Can it be that the two of them have..."

"Louise!" Monique turned to look at Louise. "Are you hiding someth
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