Chapter 1359

She couldn't eat anymore.

After taking another big mouthful, she couldn't bear it anymore.

She felt a little disgusting and wanted to vomit.

But could she throw up at this time?

Obviously, she couldn't.

If she dared to throw out at this time.

She could guarantee that he would even want to kill herself.

Therefore, Monique couldn't swallow it and couldn't spit it out.

She could only put it in her mouth and chew.

Henry looked at her like this.

He couldn't help laughing in his heart.

The corners of her eyes could not help but rise slightly.

Seeing Monique turn around to look at her, Henry quickly put away the smile at the corners of his eyes and his eyes were dark and calm.

"Henry, hurry up and eat!" Monique smiled and looked at Henry.

There were two adorable dimples on her beautiful face and pink lips, which made her smile extremely sweet.

Such a beautiful and harmless face.

Henry was almost forced down.

Even if he deliberately was poker-faced, he couldn't help looking at
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